NATURE :: Stormy Days at the Pier


Lake Worth PierSouth Florida is known world-wide for it’s incredible beaches, tan bodies and exciting water sports.  The only catch is the past two weeks, the “Sunshine State” has been, well, less than sunny.  Tis the season for rain to make our palm trees grow and the lawns green.  We appreciate it, but perhaps two solid weeks of this is a bit much.  I created this image to reflect the less than sunny days of late, while still depicting the interesting sites we have in our very own backyard.

Several days ago I walked along the beach at the Lake Worth Pier during sunrise.  While the thick, low cloud blanket kept any interesting light from the human eye, this allowed me to focus on the waves rolling on the beach and crashing against the solid pier legs.  There were no major storms – just the usual ebb and flow on a typical day, except there were no other distractions to pull focus from the wave subject.  Even though the ocean was relatively calm on this particular morning, she unleashed just a small sample of her true power each time a simple, relatively small column from the pier stood in her path.  Appropriate respect is deserved, indeed.

3 Frame hand-held HDR, Processed in Photomatix Pro, LR and Topaz Clarity