NATURE :: Morning Glow on Beach Rocks


Chip Bunnell Photography Beach SunriseI had another opportunity to visit one of my favorite morning spots in South Florida to greet the sunrise.  This area is particularly interesting to me as it is one of the few places around with some sizable boulders to give interest to the foreground in the composition.

On this particular morning, there was a small off-shore storm, which gave some interesting clouds and trails from the rain in the distance.  The golden light cast a wonderful highlight on the top edge of the crashing waves.  After the energy was expended, the water became a soft, foamy flow along the sand as it waited to retreat to the ocean, only to crash on the same rocks just minutes later.  Each boulder was bathed in salt water leaving a rich, reflective sheen.

3 Frame HDR, Processed in Photomatix Pro, LR5 and Topaz Clarity