OCEAN :: Tupelo Honey


Chip Bunnell Photography Palm Beach FloridaI’ve been off the radar for a bit due to a photo trek throughout the Northeast with some fellow photographer friends. To get back in the groove, I wanted to share an image that, by its individual look, may be somewhat of a “snapshot”, but to me is one that is filled with emotion. It depicts the combination of freedom, friends and adventure.

While in Boston, my beautiful wife and I had the opportunity to enjoy a whale watching tour. As this was a 530P departure, we were headed out 26 miles off shore while many others were headed back to the safety of the Boston Harbor. We passed a number of channel markers, several lighthouses and even a deserted military fort in the distance. One of my interests is observing others and trying to understand a bit of their unique lives. The wide variety of water vessels we passed allowed ample opportunity to quickly get a glimpse into their activities at that particular moment.

The boats was saw ranged from small 17’ power boats in the harbor to the famous New England lobster boats checking on their day’s catch. A strong, but manageable wind was blowing from the east which gave movement to the flotilla of sailboats that seemed to surround us. A sleek, modern 120’+ sailing yacht cut through the waves with great ease and power. Of all these wonderful water craft, my eye was drawn to the Tupelo Honey.

She wasn’t the smallest, or the grandest or the fastest. She was actually rather average in size and speed. She did, however, seem to exude character and grace. Her styling was that of the ships that fill the pages of history books. Her bowsprit and masts were fashioned from beautiful, well cared for timbers. Her sails were unfurled as they grabbed captured the passing breeze to move her and her passengers to their desired destination. Onboard, it was obvious that each line had its place, and each was neatly secured in its place. The precious cargo consisted of 6 souls; two that bonded their minds with her might and four others that were able to enjoy the sweet sound of the wind and the waves while embracing the companionship of the others.

To me, this image is a combination of rich details, freedom and wonderful companionship with good friends on a perfect, sunny day. The blending of these simple ingredients makes for an adventure worthy of a long lasting memory.

Single Frame, Processed in LR