LOCATION :: Mystic Sunrise


Chip Bunnell Photography Boca Raton FloridaOn a recent photo-trek with friends Claudia Cohen and Glenn Taylor, I had a chance to visit the mystical place of Mystic, CT.  Okay, while it was not really “mystical”, it was definitely quite impressive in many ways.  The greatest claims to fame are the very unique bridge that allows ships passage to the seaport, the historic town still with many of the original facades and the living museum of the Mystic Seaport itself.  Oh yes, and there was some pizza Julia Roberts once ate in 1988…although the movie was not made in the current restaurant that bears the name.

Originally settled in 1654, the small village of Mystic is steeped in maritime history.  Primarily due to its location on the Mystic River, the village was an active hub for the movement of goods as well as part of the whaling industry.  Flowing downstream, ships would follow the river to the Long Island Sound and ultimately gain access to the ocean.  Ironically, even though a little over 4,000 people live in Mystic, this important village is not recognized as a municipality in the state of Connecticut. Instead, parts west of the river are located in the town of Groton and the eastern parts reside in Stonington.

On this particular morning, our brave band of intrepid photographers ventured into the pre-dawn morning (…430AM), armed with only cameras, tripods and the goal of capturing the Mystic sunrise. We found a wonderful location on the Mystic River Bascule Bridge which provided an excellent view of the bay and dock areas.  The glow from the street lights on the surrounding buildings revealed just a hint of the town features as we waited patiently for the morning sun.  Slowly, several clouds began to take shape overhead. Little by little colors radiated from their edges and ultimately reflected gently on the calm waters below.  From our vantage point we could see two tall-ships surrounded by many other vessels secured to their docks.  The calm of the morning and vivid colors quickly made me forget of the sleep others were still enjoying.

While this area is relatively small, it is filled with treasures of nautical history. I look forward to again returning to explore even more of this charming area.

Single Frame, Processed in LR and Topaz Clarity