NATURE :: Meditative SoBe Sunrise


Chip Bunnell Photography Palm Beach Miami FloridaSunrise always creates a special feeling for me. The darkness of night passes and the power of the sun takes command of the skies. This changing of the guard does not happen instantaneously, such as turning on a light switch. Instead, it happens gradually, allowing the on-looker to participate. The formations of the clouds are first teased, then softly lit. The sky takes on a wide range of colors, with each time seeming to come from a slightly different pallet. For many, this is also a time to spend in quiet meditation in preparation for the actives of the coming hours.

While enjoying a sunrise on South Beach (Miami, FL), I found the usual cast of characters doing their morning jog, walk or simply sitting on the sand. This particular individual caught my attention as he appeared to be deep in meditation. After watching for a time, I found the scene I wanted to capture. I purposely focused on the sky while leaving the individual soft. By removing the details from him, the viewer can easily image themselves being with him, looking over his shoulder.

Each day is a gift and there is richness in the morning if we but take a moment to enjoy it.

Photo Tip: 3 Frame HDR, Processed in LR, PS and Topaz Clarity

Travel Tip: South Beach (SoBe) is a wonderful place to visit at any hour of the day