DESTINATION :: Sunrise over Cayman Brac


Chip Bunnell Photography | Sunrise over Cayman BracMy beautiful bride and I just returned from an amazing Caribbean adventure. Being avid SCUBA divers, we agreed the highlight of the trip was 7 days aboard the Cayman Aggressor. This 110’ vessel served as our mobile dive platform, transporting us to locations throughout the 3 Cayman islands most will never see. Manned by an outstanding crew, we explored incredible wrecks, dramatic 6,000’ walls and lush reefs teaming with brightly colored fish. Words, and sadly even photos cannot convey the full scope of true beauty we witnessed as we, for a brief time, were part of an oceanic treasure. This particular week, the weather gods even smiled upon us. Bright sunny days and star-filled nights made our time above the water just as incredible as out time below. (…well, almost that is….)

Each morning we were awoke to a wonderful sunrise and a warm tropical breeze. This particular morning we were moored off of Cayman Brac, about 90 miles northeast of Grand Cayman. At only 12 miles long and 1 mile wide, the island is an extremely small land mass in the middle of a big ocean. To bring interest and location to this frame, I made a slightly off-axis image with the starboard side of the boat used as a leading line to draw the viewer to the gorgeous sunrise. The reflection in the dark paint expands the sunrise throughout the frame. This seemed like the perfect image to start the series from a truly incredible journey.

3 Frame Hand-Held HDR, Processed in LR and Topaz Clarity