LOCATION :: A Flag to Honor Veterans


Chip Bunnell Photography Flag over Stream

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We all have gifts, talents and abilities. Each has their own set. When those sets are added to others, incredible things can be achieved.

A special group of individuals possess the ability to volunteer to protect others. They leave their families and friends, often traveling to far lands, all with the goal to help others as well making sure we, in the home they left, can sleep safer each night. Even though they may fear their task, they appear to be fearless to all those that see them. Their commitment to protecting the freedoms of those seeking a peaceful life are paid with the sweat of their brow, the injuries they receive and even with the willful giving of their own lives. It is a special group indeed that are willing to make such heroic sacrifices for people they may never meet.

On my travels through north Georgia, I stumbled upon this very historic grist mill. To celebrate this weekend, they proudly had hung a brand new flag on the corner post. I was impressed with the bold colors of the flag standing out from the soft surrounding earth tones. The flowing stream in the background added to the prefect setting.

Today, on this Veteran’s Day, we honor all those that have served to help make this world a safer, freer place. Thank you for your service and giving us a gift as you shared your talents and abilities.

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