LOCATION :: Waiting to Sail


Sailboat at dock by Chip Bunnell PhotographyFriday morning and the storms have passed. Blue sky with puffy clouds are seen from horizon to horizon. The wind has picked up and the sea ebbs and flows on the shore. Only the imagination limits the journey of where this scene will take you.

At this very same moment, every want-to-be pirate trapped in his cubical during these last few hours of the work week is dreaming of casting off the lines, hoisting the mainsail and heading into adventure. The ship may be more modern and a more brightly colored than the real pirates of days gone by, but the love of the sea and riding on her waves remains the same. Whether she is a 80’ luxury schooner or a modest 20’ sloop, there is often a Jolly Roger flying to bring out the pirate spirit. Of course, Jimmy Buffett is playing in the background. …Isn’t that a given?

To me, this image captured these feelings. She is patiently tied at dock, flanked by two feathered sentinels watching over her. The clouds added great texture to the sky with the tropical landscape dividing them from the calm waters below. I exaggerated the colors slightly to show the wonderful blend of blue, yellow and green in their respective places. Whether its an afternoon on the ocean or a week in the Keys, she is ready for her captain to guide her next run.

Photo Stuff: Single frame, Processed in LR and Topaz Clarity