A Day of Gratitude


Sunrise on Delray Beach by Chip Bunnell Photography

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Thanksgiving is a wonderful holiday. Family, Friends and great Food. What’s not to love? While I consider myself thankful and have always loved this special day for its true meaning, it is my beautiful bride that has set a new bar for me reach.

Simply put, she is the most thankful person I have ever met. She sees joy in everything she sees. She wakes up with a smile and carries it the entire day. Early in our relationship she told me how Thanksgiving is her favorite holiday. After all, “its an entire day devoted to gratitude.” Those are truly wise words and, because of her, ones that I try to apply to each day.

Like the pilgrims and indians centuries ago, let’s open our homes and share with others. Let’s give thanks for the countless gifts we have been given. Let’s let this Thanksgiving be not a single day, but the start of a lifetime of gratitude and sharing.

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

Photo Stuff:  3 Frame HDR, Processed in LR and Topaz Clarity