Reflective Clouds on Delray’s Waterway


Cloud reflections on Delray Beach Intracoastal WaterwayHalf way around the world, the best athletes in winter sports are competing. The excitement is contagious, even thousands of miles away from these Olympians. Once the sharp HD picture is turned off and the mobile news feeds are silenced, it is a very different local story on this quiet Monday morning in South Florida.

As I approached the beach prior to sunrise this morning, I looked over the sand to the awaiting ocean. Thick clouds hung at the horizon’s line. Something inside told me my image today was not to be made here. I slowly drove towards home and noticed the clouds reflecting on the almost eerily calm waters of the Intracoastal Waterway. A quick turn off the bridge and I was ready to make my frame.

This view always seems to draw me in. The clouds mirroring off the calm water is the first attraction. The simple, multi-story buildings create boundaries as they mark the water’s edge. Boats of all sizes add interest. A small aperture allows focus and detail to be seen, even in the smallest areas of the image. The oranges and yellows in the morning sky coupled with their mirror images below add a framed effect above and below. Even though the Olympic cheers area far away, there is still an equally strong enthusiasm as we greet this new morning.

Photo Stuff: 3 Frame HDR image, Processed in LR, PS and Topaz Clarity