PORTRAIT :: Brittany at Sunrise


Sunrise Portrait by Chip Bunnell PhotographyWhat do you call a young, determined, successful woman with a giving heart and joyful smile?  In addition to a thirst for adventure and travel, she is also excited about trying wholesome new experiences.  The world knows her as Brittany.  I am one of the lucky that is able to call her my friend.

On one particularly wonderful spring morning, she agreed to be my willing model for a sunrise beach photo session.  We arrived  just as the sky was a rich, deep blue, about 30 mins before the sun would meet the new day.  After a quick survey of the conditions and an overview of upcoming fun, we took our positions – me behind the camera and the lovely talent on the soft cool sandy beach.  The waves gently rolled in and out, adding to the feeling of the true paradise we were standing in.  As the sun slowly began its climb, Brittany found her “zone.”  Pose after pose, she showed grace, playfulness and even a little teasing look to taunt her would-be suiters.  I limited our session to only 1 hour which forced me to quickly make the images I knew she would enjoy.  It also allowed us to keep our growling stomachs in check as the smell of fresh bacon and pancakes wafted down the beach from a near by diner.

…and yes, the bacon and pancakes were amazing!  After all, you must have a treat to reward your hard work, right?

Photo Stuff:  Single frame, with off camera speedlite fill flash on the subject.  Processed in LR5