NATURE :: Sunrise Ocean Lightning


Sunrise Ocean Lightning by Chip Bunnell Photography

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The ocean never ceases to amazing me. One minute I can be deep in slumber, knowing that just on the other side of the bedroom walls are the gentle waves lapping on the beach. Just seconds later I can awaken to wall-rattling booms of thunder, as lightning illuminates the entire room in a brilliant flash. Long before the rooster alarm sounded, that was exactly how our morning started.

At first, I seemed to be in a foggy state as I walked along the beach, surrounded by body-rumbling bangs. In my dream, they seemed to go on and on. After what seemed like hours, but was really only a few minutes, I realized I was sleeping through a delightfully powerful storm. Once I gathered my bearings, I finally grasped the rare opportunity to see lightning over the ocean during sunrise. With my trusty non-metal tripod in hand, I ventured on to the balcony to see if I could capture the magic of nature in my lens.

I made several interesting images, but this was my favorite. I loved the texture of the cloud ceiling with the morning sun forcing its way through. On the left, a single unstoppable bolt blasts the waiting ocean below. No lightning trigger or other such tool was available.   Once again, I am reminded that timing and preparation get results…with a little luck thrown in for good measure.

Photo Stuff: Single frame on a tripod, Processed in LR, PS and Topaz Clarity
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