FAMILY :: A Priceless Moment


Xander Baptism by Chip Bunnell Phtoography

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Each of us has special, joyful moments in our lives. A small sliver of those the are over-the-top moments of profound happiness that will never be forgotten. They are to be cherished, celebrated and relived over and over. I had the privilege of sharing one of these key life moments with dear friends during the baptism of their young son. As an extra treat for me, I was honored to be asked to photograph this precious family event.

After years of longing and much faith, Eric and Yolanda were blessed with a beautiful son. Their lives where filled with joy as the proud parents shared their new bundle of love with those around them. Not long after, they invited a small group of their closest family and special friends to travel to a tiny town in rural Florida. There, we found a humble church and a very loving priest who performed the ceremony. His compassionate words and the twinkle in his eye reaffirmed that he was the right person to be part of this quiet event. It was a truly wonderful day for all and a priceless moment in time for this young family. Congratulations Eric, Yolanda and young Xander!

Photo Stuff:  Single frame, Processed in LR and Nik Analog Efex
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