FAMILY :: Verna on the Beach


Family Verna on the Beach by Chip Bunnell Photography

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Family is truly a cornerstone to our joy and happiness. Every moment we can spent together is another nugget of memory in our treasure chest of life. As an adult, I see the even greater value and importance in enjoying our parents and sharing in their life. After all, this moment only happens once…family photography captures it!

Yesterday, I had the privilege of photographing Mom and Dad Verna with their adult son Chris. As pillars in the community of Philadelphia, they have enjoyed a long and prosperous life. Even when faced with significant physical challenges, they met them head on and overcame. Whether it comes to sharing an amazing homemade Italian meal or just wonderful, lively conversation, the Vernas definitely deliver! To me, this image captures both their strength as well as the true warmth of their hearts. Add in a gentle kiss of a S Florida sunset and you have a winning moment to be shared with generations to come!

Details: Single frame, natural light with fill flash. Processed in LR
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