Gotta Get Back in Time


Back to the Future Delorean by Chip Bunnell PhotographyNEWS FLASH! Great Scott! Doc Brown and Marty McFly just landed in the town of Appleton, WI! Before vanishing a vibrant flash of light, I was lucky enough to photograph the futuristic ride.

Prior to his eye-catching departure, I asked Doc how he was going to get up to 88 mph on the small town roads. He simply replied, “Roads? Where we’re going, we don’t need roads.” And then he broke into a chorus of ‘Better get back in time!’ In the distance, I heard Marty mumbling something about the book being wrong and losing a fortune on the $%#! Cubbies!

Who knew a movie franchise originally released 30 years ago would actually get some things right. My iPad is great and 3D movies are everywhere.  Of course, I don’t have my hoverboard, the shark still looks fake and the Cubbies, well, they remain the Cubbies.

Happy Back to the Future Day!

Photo Stuff:  Single frame, edited in LR and PS

Chip Bunnell Photography
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