Gotta Get Back in Time


Back to the Future Delorean by Chip Bunnell PhotographyNEWS FLASH! Great Scott! Doc Brown and Marty McFly just landed in the town of Appleton, WI! Before vanishing a vibrant flash of light, I was lucky enough to photograph the futuristic ride.

Prior to his eye-catching departure, I asked Doc how he was going to get up to 88 mph on the small town roads. He simply replied, “Roads? Where we’re going, we don’t need roads.” And then he broke into a chorus of ‘Better get back in time!’ In the distance, I heard Marty mumbling something about the book being wrong and losing a fortune on the $%#! Cubbies!

Who knew a movie franchise originally released 30 years ago would actually get some things right. My iPad is great and 3D movies are everywhere.  Of course, I don’t have my hoverboard, the shark still looks fake and the Cubbies, well, they remain the Cubbies.

Happy Back to the Future Day!

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Chip Bunnell Photography
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Ferraris in Palm Beach


Red Ferrari by Chip Bunnell Photography

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Ever since Thomas Magnum raced on to the small screen in his famous red 308, I have had a love, appreciation and admiration for the work of Enzo Ferrari and his team of master craftsmen. Yes, their automobiles will get you from point A to B, but it is much, much more than that. They get you there in uniquely Italian style and class! When you arrive, you have a mixed feeling of profound sadness that your drive is over, shaken with a heavy dose of excitement to share your rolling art with those that greet you. Even though each model would be a treat to own, there are still those that rise to the top in this elite class of motor-masterpieces. I was fortunate enough to witness this year’s gathering in person!

Each year, for 5 brief days, Ferrari owners from around the country and beyond, descend on Palm Beach to enjoy the Cavallino Classic. They bring their daily drivers as well as examples that only see the light of day once a year. Others, who only dream of owning a piece of rolling-art (that’s where I come in), are equally as welcome to look and take in the feel of track days as these remarkable machines carve the corners. Brand new models that have never been seen locally in person as well as historic, 1-of-a-kind Le Mans winners are lined up. No ropes or guards keep you away…only your respect creates a inpenetrable barrier refraining your touch of these truly beautiful creations.

This image shows one of the many rare treats we enjoyed on that sunny South Florida day. Even in the land of excessive wealth and high-priced toys, the fiery red marvels still turned every head and did not disappoint.

Photo Stuff: Single image, processed in LR and PS
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