Beachfront American Pride


Beachside American Pride by Chip Bunnell Photography

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I love to celebrate the birth of our nation by walking around the morning of July 4 and finding people showing their American pride. I have been fortunate to carry on this tradition in various parts of our country, but this morning I was home based. When at home, there is no place better to walk than the beach!

The town was off to a sleepy start as many reposed after their 1st night of their 3 day weekend. The deep growl of approaching storms added a perfectly orchestrated sound track. Little by little, individuals and families began to stake out their own beachfront real estate for the day. The local chair rental pro was setting up his umbrellas while the lifeguards were positioning themselves for a busy Saturday at the ocean. Large gray clouds added texture and interest above.

As I made my walk, I noticed that one of the iconic lifeguard stations was proudly flying an American flag from his rail. This single station, being the only one adorned in our nation’s symbol, made me think that this was not placed by the city, but rather a single individual wanting to show his national pride. I saw it as a sign of gratitude to all those freedom-loving patriots before us and the sacrifices they made. There was no great fanfare or spotlight, just a simple American flag hanging proudly for all to notice.

On this July 4th, take a moment to show your love our nation and the freedoms we enjoy. Celebrate this special anniversary and give thanks to those that made our freedom’s possible. Happy Independence Day – May God bless the USA!

Photo Stuff: Single frame, processed in LR and Topaz Clarity
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LOCATION :: Gateway to Delray


Gateway to Delray by Chip Bunnell Photography

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The outside temperature read 43 degrees on this crisp January morning. As I pointed the car towards the fast approaching sunrise, I questioned where I would go to capture the first colors of the new day. Admittedly, I had a little bit of a late start, but this actually opened up a new possibility.

The little city of Delray Beach continues to grow. Atlantic, the avenue not the ocean, is brimming with new restaurants and shops, many with a distinctively sheik flare. The old schoolhouse is now a square in the center of the action, hosting festivals and activities year around. Art and culture are a big part of this revitalization project.

So the question is how do you let those exiting off I-95 know what they are about to enter? How about a colorful and unique gateway? The joint team of the landscape architects and engineers from the PBS&J firm coupled with textile artist Michelle Newman designed a manicured green space with 6 creative vertical columns. Various aspects of Delray’s culture are represented in the artistry. Each is lit to allow viewers to enjoy the details not only during the day, but also during night viewings. Ironically, it was only because of my later than planned start that allowed me to see wonderful colors in the background dawn sky and be inspired to make this frame.

Once again, images are everywhere…if you are prepared and take the time to seek them out.

Photo Stuff: Single frame, Processed in LR and Topaz Clarity. I incorporated a slightly lower position to add height and drama to the art as well as push the columns further into the morning sky.

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