Sunrise on 49


Sunrise on 49 by Chip Bunnell Photography

To me, a new day does not begin or end at midnight. After all, 11:59P and 12:01A look pretty much the same. To me, a new day is waiting and watching with anticipation as the sun begins its daily journey. Once the top tip becomes a glowing, bright ball and its rays streak across my field of vision, that is a new day!

So goes it for the start of a new year. No, not the New Year everyone watches from Times Square. This is much less celebrated new year, but it is MY new year!

It started over 17,500 days ago when two loving parents brought me into this world. Beyond life and love, they gave me a sense of right and wrong, a desire to succeed, belief that God loves me, and support as I ventured into our shared world. I have definitely made my fair share of mistakes, and perhaps even a few extra, but the founding principles my parents instilled in me still guides me daily.

Over 2,000 days ago a beautiful, loving woman entered my life and allowed me to learn and grow even more. Roughly 1,100 days ago she agreed to become my bride.  While finding each other later in life, I am so truly grateful for her love and companionship.

I always have believed that the journey is sometimes, or even often, better than the destination. The next 365 days is a journey to MY next new year. I am excited at the adventures, thrills and encounters I will meet. While I am so unbelievably grateful for all I have experienced, I am even more excited to share the journey with others and see what comes next!

Let the adventure begin!

Photo Stuff: Single frame, Processed in LR, Topaz Clarity and Topaz Adjust 5
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Sunrise Flame


Sunrise Flame by Chip Bunnell Photography

Warmth on a cold day. Light to show us the way. The transformation of raw ingredients into a life giving meal.  Our ancestors, several millennium ago, discovered how a simple fire had almost magical properties.

Fast forwarding to modern days, do we not have a special feeling as we gather around a campfire on a chilly night? Do we not feel security in a well lit path through dark woods? Do we not love the taste of a warm meal after a long day? Even with our modern understanding, fire still has these same magical properties in our lives.

Several hundred years ago, people far smart that most discovered yet another use for fire. By heating air within a lightweight container, it became lighter than the surrounding air. Through the properties of physics, that container of hot air would rise into the sky. Not only did fire help save our human ancestors on the ground, but it also allowed yet others to take flight!

Today, many of our friends and neighbors still use this very same principle, with a few more modern twists, to fill a balloon full of hot air and rise into the sky for a nearly silent flight. Carried only by the wind and powered by heat, entire festivals across our nations celebrate what simple humans discovered more than a few years ago.

This image is a single moment in time showing the flight-giving fire preparing to launch this simple, silent aircraft into the heavens.

Photo Stuff: Single frame, Processed in LR, Topaz Clarity and Topaz Adjust 5
©2015 All Rights Reserved