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Cycling road racer by Chip Bunnell Photography

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Since our earliest years, humans have found a way to move. Crawling led to walking led to running led to rolling, and on and on. It is rather fascinating to see how we continue to fine-tune even the most simple of forms of transportation to make them better, stronger and faster. (think 6 Million Dollar man, for all those that remember back to the 70s) Running shoe now have revolutionary materials that make them lighter and more gentle on the human foot. Ball bearings are made to ultra-micro precision to reduce even the most minute amount of resistance. Gearing allows any input energy to be maximized for dramatically increased power.

My weekend started off with a visit to the beach to photograph the sunrise and the professional sandcastle building competition. After the frames were safely on my card, I started my car to head off to my next adventure. As I waited to make my right turn, I remarked at the huge packs of weekend bike riders. Not those headquartered in Milwaukee that make powerful gas powered growls, but the ones powered by the most simple form of human power – peddling. Admittedly, I was initially intrigued by the opportunity to do a little long-exposure/panning photography, but upon processing the images I became more intrigued at the simple, yet high-tech design of these 2-wheeled road racers.

The bike from my 6th birthday many years ago is basically the same, yet it has changed by lightyears in most ways. Out with the heavy steel frame and in with light weight composites given to us by the space program. A lighter metal chain run through a series of mathematically correct gears replaced the simple, greasy connector between two points. Even the break pads are designed for maximum stopping and maximum life with minimal weight. Lightweight helmets protect the once wind-blown hair and form fitting clothes not only show off their favorite colors, but also allow for increased breathability and comfort.

This simple photo depicts how we live in a marvelous time; One filled with technology that assists even the most simple of our activities. For me, this was an opportunity to use the technology in my hand to creatively capture a moment in time. For my subject, it was a way to enjoy a weekend morning and push their body to perform more efficiently.

Photo Stuff:  Single frame, captured with a 1/40th second shutter. Processed in LR and PS

LOCATION :: Father’s Day Lit’l Red Coupe


Chip Bunnell Photography Boca Raton Delray Palm Beach Florida

Fathers give us guidance and an example of strength in our families. They teach us to throw a baseball and how to make amazing dinners over a camp fire in the middle of the woods with nothing more than some hamburger. While we remember them each day, there is a single day each year that is set aside to celebrate fatherhood and allow a father enjoy his favorite activities. To some this would include a round of golf or a day on the water fishing. To others, it is the love of horsepower and heavy steel. As such, a part of the city of Boca Raton, FL hosts a benefit car show for all to attend. Bear in mind that as this is Boca, with all the financial means you have heard of, these are no ordinary cars. Instead, these are true works of art and the labor of many, many hours to create a rolling work of perfection.

This red Ford coupe is just one of the many examples from this past Sunday. Every inch was customized to an outstanding level of detail. From the highly chromed engine, polished custom wheels, and tight leather seats down to the layer upon layer of rich red paint that simply forced you turn and look. Aside from a few pieces of grass from the morning showers, the tires looked as though they never touched the pavement. This lit’l red coupe, along with many others, was truly worthy of a museum display. Fortunately for us, the owners were kind enough to bring it out in the Florida sun for all to marvel and enjoy.

One funny comment I overheard in the noon day sun was a father, talking to his young son, explaining that he simply wanted to come enjoy the cars on Father’s Day. He went on to recount how everyone kept “piling in the car” before he could leave home. I had to laugh – a father with a love for cars and a family that loves him; what more does he really need?

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3 Frame Hand-Held HDR, Processed in Photomatix Pro, LR and Topaz Clarity