Full Moon During Sunset


Full Moon During Sunset by Chip Bunnell Photography

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Once a month, there is one day that is my favorite for capturing interesting moon images.  Normally, everyone flocks outdoors to watch the full moon rise.  Don’t get me wrong, that is spectacular for sure.  I, however, am always looking for the moment others do not see.  For me, I rather enjoy the night before the “official” full moon.

“The night before the full moon”, you may ask?  Absolutely!  First, there are far less crowds which makes it easier to work the scene for the best image.  But even greater, it is the one night a month that you can see both the rich, golden colors of the sunset while, at the same time, watch the moon quietly rise with a stealth-like entrance.  But be warned, even with an eye trained on the exact right point of the horizon at the exact right time, you must look closely or you may miss the beginning of its rise.

I captured this moment just minutes after the moon was barely visible.  A single seagull flying over head, searching for its dinner, added the perfect element as it passed through the upper profile of the star of this evening’s show.  People on the pier, already well engaged on their weekend fun, added the human bond to this magical moment in nature.

Photo Stuff:  Single frame, processed in LR, Topaz Clarity and Nik Analog Efex Pro 2.

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Yoga Backbend at Sunrise


Backbend at Sunrise by Chip Bunnell Photography

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I learned long ago an important truth: Each new sunrise brings new opportunities and possibilities.  Often, these opportunities come as a joyful surprise.  On a particularly gray morning in March, this was once again proven through the lens of my camera.

The sky was covered with thick, low clouds; a heavy fog blanketed the beach.  I ventured into the pre-dawn darkness, in hopes of capturing a moody image of a commercial fishing pier.  Even though I have photographed this location countless times, I had a new image in mind.  As I ventured to the beach, I made my previously-visioned images, moving from side to side under the massive structure.  It was then I noticed a new and unexpected sight – a beautiful woman performing a variety of yoga poses in the early morning light.  After introducing myself, I asked if I could make some quick images of her doing various yoga positions.  She smiled and agreed.

My willing subject was Susie, a Professional Yoga and Pilates instructor.  Her strength and control over her poses more than validated her credentials.  After several poses on the beach, she agreed to again assume her handstand backbend that originally caught my eye.  Hard edges of the pier structure were softened by the gentle curve she provided.  The soft morning light added a natural warmth and a natural glow to her skin.

For professional Yoga or Pilates instruction, contact Susie to schedule an appointment.  Be sure to check out her website:  www.YogaSusie.com  You will enjoy her friendly manner as well as her knowledge of how to strengthen the human body.

Photo Stuff:  Single frame, natural light.  Processed in LR and Topaz Clarity

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