Eyes Behind the Mask


Eyes Behind the Mask by Chip Bunnell Photography

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Our underwater odyssey finds a woman returning from a masquerade ball. A colorful lace skirt flows in the liquid world. Her eyes capture her prey while the black mask hides her true identity. Feathers frame the edge as they break the water’s surface, connecting her to her mirrored reflection above. She motions to come closer, as if she has a secret to be shared with only a special one.

Details:  Single frame, Processed in LR, PS and Nik Analog Efex

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EVENT :: An American Birthday


Beach Fireworks by Chip Bunnell Photography

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In America, we have the unique opportunity to enjoy our differences. Each day we have issues and goals that impact our individual lives, families and communities. There is, however, one day a year, a special day, that we set aside our individuality and come together to celebrate, in unison, the birth of our nation.

Through my life I have had the privilege of traveling to various parts of our planet. I have seen similarities to our nation, as well as customs and laws that are very different. Each time my travels take me abroad, I am grateful to meet new people and experience their cultures. I am even more grateful to return to my homeland and recognize it for the greatness our Founding Fathers designed. I am grateful for all those that came before me and the sacrifices they made. Whether large or small, they are the reason I enjoy the wonderful freedoms I have today.

While our nation’s birthday has passed for 2014, let us remember her all year long. Let us remember those that were inspired to design a government that is to respect the rights of the people and recognize our freedoms. Let us remember the patriots, past and present, that stand watch to protect those very freedoms we hold dear.

Happy Birthday American! May God bless these, the United States.

Photo Stuff: Single frame, long exposure on a tripod. Processed in LR, Topaz Clarity and Nik Analog Efex Pro 2.

(c) 2014 All Rights Reserved