LOCATION :: Windy Fall Road


Windy Fall Road by Chip Bunnell PhotographyA recent assignment took me to the mountains surrounding Asheville, NC. I was fortunate to be there during the height of “leaf peeping” season. Being a self-professed, modern day beach enthusiast, I have had little experience in peeping on leaves, but was excited to see what all the fuss was about. I am happy to report the adventure did not disappoint.

The leaves were at their peak. Everywhere I looked I had traded my familiar flowing palms for tall, majestic trees covered in florescent orange and fiery gold leaves. There was just enough wind to send some of leafy colors to the ground like huge pieces of confetti celebrating the season. The thick forest had a rich contrast as I scanned from the individual tree textures to the large trunks that seemed to go on into infinity. Being a car enthusiast, some of my favorites scenes were the windy roads as I climbed and descended along the rugged mountain sides. One particular scene stands out.

Just over the South Carolina boarder I found myself on a quiet 2-lane road. The tight corners and hair pin turns seemed to go on and on. I pulled over to admire a curvy stretch and make a few final frames of the wonderful fall colors. In the distance, I heard the familiar sound of a finely tuned classic German sports car. Seconds later, a beautiful maintained Porsche 911 gracefully passed me as it confidently handled each corner with the greatest of ease. I could swear I caught a glimpse of the driver’s face, smiling with an almost childlike joy, as he piloted his dream car through a perfectly picturesque setting. As he vanished around the distant bend, I couldn’t help thinking back to my own times behind the wheel of my dream cars image the feelings of freedom I felt.

Such a simple moment became a true gift I enjoyed and captured. This windy fall road once again proves my belief that the journey is greater than the destination.

Photo Stuff:  Single frame, Processed in LR