4 Spring to a Break


4 Spring for a Break by Chip Bunnell Photography

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Imagine, if you will, four college friends. All are successful, each with individual talents. Each is fun loving, bright, ambitious and very well mannered, even around their elders like me. They share a love of all things Wisconsin and cheered as the badgers recently took down their Kentucky rivals. In addition, they share a common love of music. No, they are not rappers or leftovers from a past hair-band era. Our musical friends are, dare I say, far more talented. They have all been part of the award winning A Cappella singing group, Fundamentally Sound.

The harsh Wisconsin winter finally subsided enough to allow our nephew Vinnie, and three of his good friends, to fold themselves in a single small car for their Spring Break 2015 Adventure! With plenty capable drivers on board, they quickly drove to the promised land – a land of sun, sand and surf – South Florida! Over their almost week-long foray into the paradise we call home, they sunned on the beach, walked in the sand, kayaked among alligators, and most importantly, lived a little of the SoBe (South Beach) nightlife.  In short, they generally had a great time! We were excited to spend a few precious moments with such wonderful young men.  After we said our good-byes and they once again headed to the northern tundra, I am happy to say that I would call them each my friend.

Here’s to celebrating Spring Break, even if we are a few years past our 20’s. And most importantly, here’s to spending time with wonderful family members and the fun people they add to our lives!

Check out Fundamentally Sound’s recent video (picked up by Sports Illustrated) with star Wisconsin basketball star Frank Kaminsky. Vinnie is screen right with the laptop and David faces off with Frank!  http://bit.ly/1xEha7l

Photo Stuff: Single Frame, Processed in LR and Topaz Clarity

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LOCATION :: The Olds on Ocean


Oldsmobile on Miami Beach by Chip Bunnell PhotographySoBe (South Beach) is an area with a seriously split personality. The nights are filled with thumping music, adult beverages and toned people wearing the most trendy threads you could find in any fashion magazine. Sunrise, well, that’s a whole different vibe. The streets are quiet and those same fit people are on the beach for a run or early morning yoga. What a difference just a few hours can make.

Regardless of the time, the one constant is the sighting of seriously flashy cars. At night, Ocean Drive is lined with Ferraris, Lamborghinis and the like.  Here, Porches are as common as Chevys. Even in the early morning you will find pretty much the same assortment. While I have always fancied myself a Ferrari man, the classics are equally appealing…especially one completed restored and detailed to perfection.

Enter the owner of the Avalon Hotel. Few things get attention like a shiny, 4 wheeled classic proudly displayed in front of a swanky boutique hotel. Knowing this, he purchased and parked just a such ride just outside the front door. The hotel was white, trimmed in a very south Florida yellow. The Oldsmobile…a matching white trimmed in a similar pastel yellow. Eye catching? It caught mine, especially on this particular morning.

The sidewalks had just been cleaned which left a wonderful wetness to the street. I used a distant headlight to pull the viewer’s eye further into the frame. The passenger headlight was intentionally cropped off to focus on the flowing lines of the hood and the rich, glossy paint of the side panels as you move down the street. A slight reflection can be seen in the wet pavement below. Majestic palm trees flowing in the background complete the scene. The Olds on Ocean Drive marks the spot!

3 Frame HDR, Processed in LR, PS and Topaz Clarity

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