LOCATION :: Soft Moody Morning


Moody beach morning by Chip Bunnell PhotographyThere is no doubt that I am fortunate enough to live in, what I feel is, paradise. The famed rich blue waters and soft sandy beaches are the the stars of countless postcards. Perpetual sun and fun in the belief of how many live their lives in South Florida. For some, that is actually pretty accurate. We are blessed with the climate and natural resources to make that belief a reality. But is every day really like that? Is it really 365 of sun and calm blue oceans? Hardly, but is that really a bad thing? All good questions….

The answer, in my humble opinion, is no, it is not a bad thing to have a few windy, rainy days. That may sound kind of crazy, but stay with me. You see, without the rainy days, the truly spectacular sunfilled moments would become nothing short of routine. Without a few days of gray, the blue would be the norm and not appreciated or enjoyed. But does that mean there is no beauty in the gray days and we should wait for the sun? Again, the answer is no. Confused? How can a gray, windy day still have beauty?

I like this image as it shows a blend of a not-so-postcard day (and trust me, that is being kind), while at the same time showing the beauty from the textures. The long exposure changes the waves from menacing swirls of fury to a soft frosty flow. The thick clouds flowed overhead with a hint of a hidden colorful sunrise revealed on the edges. The solid pier gives a stationary reference point as the forces move about. While this may not be a sunny postcard day, there is still beauty in the moment fueled by anticipation of the next spectacular postcard scene to come.

Photo Stuff: Single frame with a variable ND filter, Processed in LR and Topaz Clarity


NATURE :: Waves of Power


Sunrise Waves by Chip Bunnell PhotographyEven though I had roughly another hour, my body decided it was ready to awaken…mostly. This morning was to be a rare treat – a wonderful sunrise to practice my craft and my beautiful bride sharing it by my side. As I thought of our adventure, I had no specific destination in mind. Like Luke in 1977, I would use “The Force” and was confident we would find something amazing!

As we approached the pre-dawn highway, I asked my bride if we should go to Miami or Jupiter? She quickly said Jupiter…North it was! Looking to the sky, a thick cloud blanket made me question the wisdom of our trek. Having faith we would find something to fill the frame, we began our journey. A rain shower along the way made us again question our plan, but we pressed onward with the confidence there would be a reward.

As we approached our target, we could see the outline of patchy clouds in the darkness. We had found a hole in the low hanging blanket. Visions of spectacular sunrises were now filling my head. A number of fellow photographers where already at this beach when we arrived. A friendly nod to each and I went to work.

The easterly wind created a constant stream of waves. One by one, they crashed on the resolute rocks. Ironically, the greatest waves rolling in did not make the greatest impact. Instead, it was the quiet ones that had the greatest strength. They seemed to approach with natural stealth and then explode with incredible force just feet in front of us.  Water sprayed from all sides of the rigid coral formations creating a spectacular show.

This caused me to reflect on the upcoming week. Will we approach it with loud intentions, but give out before completion? Or will we have a quiet, determined focus while embracing opportunities with great force and resolve? Ultimately, that is a decision for each of us to make….  Like the example of these powerful waves, here’s to an eye on the goal as we meet new challenges head on, with strength and enthusiasm.

Single exposure, Processed in LR and Topaz Clarity

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